Raffle Mechanics

1. All attendees at the Domination 6 are qualified to join the raffle.
2. To participate in the Domination 6 Raffle, they must pay P50 to get the Domination 6 Passport.
3. Go to the Domination 6 Sponsor booths and get the Domination 6 Passport stamped. It must be fully stamped
4. Tear off the raffle stub number located which is located at back ( top left portion) of the Domination 6 Passport
5. Go to the Domination 6 Raffle Drop Box which is located at the left side of the Domination 6 main stage and drop the Raffle Stub number in the Raffle Box
6. Ms. Hazel Exconde, an IP e-Games officer, will be assigned to assist players in completing and tearing off of raffle stubs.
7. Players must keep the other half of the Passport for winner confirmation.