E-Games Shop

RAN Item Shop

The RAN Item Shop can be accessed through the RAN website. By loading e-Points, players can buy weapons, hoverboards, accessories, pets, potions, lottery boxes and other exciting in-game items. Once bought, the items are stored in the player’s Item Bank and become readily available for use.

With Premium Items, RAN players can enjoy the game better, longer, and with greater freedom to soar above chaos and go beyond boundaries.

Audition Dance Battle Item Mall

The Audition Dance Battle Item Mall is an in-game premium item shop where players can buy items to customize the look of their characters using e-Points. The long list of adorable and highly fashionable items in the Item Mall includes a variety of hairstyles, shirts, pants, shoes, faces, and miscellaneous items.

CABAL Cash Shop

The CABAL Online CASH Shop allows gamers to subscribe to different Premium Services and buy premium items using CABAL Cash. By using premium services and premium items, CABAL Online players can boost their character stats and EXP/SKILL EXP rates, customize the looks of their characters, upgrade their equipments with higher probability of success, obtain pets, and a whole lot more! CABAL Online CASH Shop does not only make leveling convenient, it also takes the whole CABAL Online action to new heights!

Granado Espada Premium Item Shop

The Premium Item Shop of Granado Espada is accessible in-game through Leticia, a non-playable character (NPC). Players can go to the Premium Item Shop to buy costumes, manuals, scrolls, map entry items, and other New World adventurer necessities. These items give players great advantage when leveling, conquering dungeons, and during faction wars, making every pioneer’s journey a history in the making.

RAN Event Shop

The RAN Event Shop is a website where RAN players can purchase seasonal in-game items that are not available in the RAN Item Shop. Some items in the Event Shop require players to enter purchase codes while others do not. Purchase codes can be obtained from any official e-Games or RAN Online on-the-ground events.

The RAN Event Shop can be accessed through the main portal. To get there, the player must login at www.e-games.com.ph and click the link shown on the upper right section of the main page.

Veteran Shop

The VeteRAN Shop is an exclusive in-game item shop for loyal RAN players who have reached Level 195. By converting their experience points into VeteRAN points, they can purchase unique elite items that cannot be seen or obtained anywhere other than the VeteRAN Shop.

VeteRAN Shop exists solely to honor the loyal RAN players because in e-Games, bida ka dito!