Get ready for Point Blank, the hottest online FPS today!

(May 11, 2011, Makati City ) – IP e-Game Ventures Inc., ( IPe-Games), the first publicly listed online game publisher in the country (PSE: EG) is proud to announce that it has secured the exclusive rights to operate Point Blank, a massively multiplayer online first person shooting (MMOFPS)  game in  the Philippines.

Developed by Zepetto Inc, a game developer based in Korea, Point Blank, is being played by millions of gamers worldwide.  It operates in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. It is the no.1 online game in Indonesia garnering an incredible 100,000 CCU (concurrent users). It is also the no.1 online game in Thailand and no.1 FPS game in Russia.

What makes this new Online FPS unique are its exciting game features. It has unique game modes, a wide range of maps, extensive array of weapons, interactive and destructible environments. It even boasts of RPG elements allowing players to earn skills through level progression and use of weapons. It focuses on player skill and will appeal not just to hardcore gamer but casual players as well.
Players of popular first person shooting games  will love the game for its short, fast paced and intense battles, its challenging and fun game modes and interactive environments that players can take advantage of.
Point Blank allows players to fly  helicopter and use its onboard guns against other gamers. Of course the gamers can shoot it down with rocket propelled grenades.  It has interactive environments and elements that enhance gameplay. It even provides class specific card missions,  level progression and rewards players with new skills.
Point Blank has the following features:
  • Challenging  game modes  including  AI battles.
  • Extensive array of weapons(normal/customized) and items to choose from(Assault, Sniper, SMG ,handguns and knives)
  • Cross hair customization
  • Interactive and destructible  environment effects (Glass break splash, exploding vehicles, Bullet hole damage, Flying Helicopter you can ride, moving train carts that can road kill, flash bang effects and smoke grenades that can kill you)
  • Class specific card missions
  • Class specific skill trees
  • Weapon load-out change during game play
  • Male and female Avatars with special stat effects.
  • Clan community page
  • Spot Achievement like Defense of the Ancients (DotA)
Point Blank will commence its Closed Beta Testing (CBT)  phase  very, very soon. PB will also  have in-game contests, tournaments and thrilling new updates to  keep gamers playing.
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