[Update] Important reminder for RAN Online Players using Windows 7 and Vista

For our  RAN Online Players using Windows 7 and Windows Vista,

If you are experiencing problems logging in, kindly use this link, https://www.e-games.com.ph/content/login/loginran.aspx or click here. to log into the game.

For those who encounter .Net Framework problems, kindly find the instructions below.

To those players who are having problems with RAN’s new launcher. Specifically to those who got .NET Framework problem kindly follow the steps below:
1. Download .NET Framework 4 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en
2. Install dotNetFx40_Full_setup
3. After installing your .NET Framework 4, you should no longer receive a .NET Framework error.
4. No need to reboot your computer.

For more information,  click here

The RAN Online Team is currently working  to bring back normal log in procedure  to RAN Online.

Please wait for further announcements. Thank you very much.