RAN Event Shop to be available this June 24 to 26 only!

RANatics will have more reasons to play RAN Online as the awesome RAN Event Shop will be made available this June 24 to 26, 2011 only!

The RAN Event Shop will offer the following items:

  • Premium Items: [Domi5] 30 Day accessories
  • Premium Services: A2A Item Transfer, Non-Drop, School Transfer
  • Limited Services (Open to 1000 applicants only), +9 Upgrade, Armor & HP Upgrade, RV Upgrade, Ultimate Item Upgrade, Weapon Accuracy Upgrade, Skylock Quad Hoverboard

The Upgrade Services will be made available to 1000 applicants only so be early for the RAN Event Shop! No need for codes. Just go directly to the RAN Event Shop site on the said dates!

So reserve those dates!

Check out the RAN Online web site or click here for more details.